BASED Middlesex County, New Jersey

AGE 44

PRIMARY INSTRUMENT electric bass (30+ years, 400+ shows)

SECONDARY INSTRUMENTS keyboard, acoustic guitar

VOCALS backups, harmonies, some leads

Basses: Fender Precision, Fender Jazz, Ibanez SG, Hayman 40-40
Amp: Eden Traveler WT550
Speakers: Eden 410XLT, Mesa Boogie 115
Keyboard: Korg X50 synth

Past: Amethyst80s, Ray Andersen, LoveGas, Normal Joy, U2 Nation (sub), many others
Present: Eric Harrison (originals), Seth Tieger Band (covers) Stereo87 (80s covers), Lesser Seamus (Irish)

INFLUENCES & INSPIRATIONS (bass playing style)
Mike Mills, John McVie, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Arion Salazar, Adam Clayton, Gary Tallent, John Taylor

w/ Seth Tieger band "Rosalita"
w/ Stereo87 "867-5309" (MD on lead vox)

w/ Ray Andersen "Bittersweet Symphony" (Stone Pony, Asbury Park)
w/ Skeeter "King" (Saint, Asbury Park)
w/ Lessor Seamus "Streams of Whiskey"
w/ Amethyst "Goodbye To You"
w/ Amethyst "Come On Eileen"
w/ Amethyst "Lets Go" (studio)
w/ Amethyst "ROCK in the USA" (MD on lead vox)
w/ LoveGas "Soda" (studio)
w/ LoveGas "Transgress" (studio)
w/ Mr Ray "Here Comes The Sun"
w/ Mr Ray "Time for the Holidays" (Crossroads Theater, New Brunswick)
w/ Mr Ray "Gimme A Hi Five" (Austin City Limits 2008, Austin TX)
SOLO "Wanna Be" (MD on lead & backing vox, guitars, bass)

Producer: New Brunswick Underground comp CD (Childlike Records 1996), Parachute Pants comp CD (Childlike 1999)
Booking Agent/Promoter: Budapest Cocktail Lounge, New Brunswick NJ 1996-2000
Independent Promoter (NBU Prod): Arlene Grocery, Maxwells, Harvest Moon, The Melody, Dolls Place, others 1998-2001
Manager: Amethyst (80s cover band) 2002-2011